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May 2016

Oakland Cemetary

30 May 2016

sunny 80 °F

The day when I have to say goodbye to my beautiful white porch has come and with reluctance I go in to eat breakfast. I am cheered immediately when I see the eggs again at breakfast. Today was the most filling breakfast with cake like blueberry pancakes.
The drive back to Atlanta is a smooth one on this Memorial Day and it seems fitting that our last stop on the GWTW trail is the Oakland Cemetery. It sometimes seems more like a garden with 8,000 people buried in it than a cemetery. It also seems odd to get photos of the grave markers with the skyline in the background.
We wonder among the headstones for awhile before finding the visitors center and then wonder even longer trying to find Margaret Mitchells headstone. Ironically enough we missed it because we were looking at the three plots with the Rice name on right next to hers. It is not very substantial and the main name is Marsh for her husband John Marsh.
Because of our huge breakfast we weren’t hungry so I dropped mom off at her hotel and headed out of Atlanta hoping to avoid the afternoon holiday traffic.

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Largest Antique Mall in World

29 May 2016

sunny 80 °F

The initial thought today was that after breakfast we would be hanging around the porch or pool relaxing. We thought this all through the Greek yogurt trifle, yummy eggs and biscuits and gravy that was served.
But on departure from the dining room I asked the two men that worked there what to do on a Sunday here and he mentioned the world’s largest antique mall, Ian Henderson’s that is only a couple towns over. So we scoured the place for hours looking for treasures. It was HUGE with tons of cool stuff if only we had a moving van!
The guys had also mentioned the southern buffet they like to eat at in Social Circle after antique shopping. It’s called the Blue Willow Inn and at 1500 it was still packed to the gills. For $22 you got all the Southern comfort food you could handle.
Tired but not beaten we dragged our way through the Antiques and Stuff in Covington before driving back to the Twelve Oaks for a restful last evening.

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The home of Gone With the Wind

28 May 2016

sunny 80 °F

What a packed full day we had today. From bright and early walking around the grounds of twelve oaks and checking out the neighbors. I am in love with the house next door which incidentally is on the market for 1.475 million :)
Breakfast was tasty with a cup full of eggs mixed with havarti cheese and chives followed by stuffed French toast and a sausage. This would fortify us for a long day of touring which started with an approximately 50 minute drive to Jonesboro for the Road to Tara Museum. Jonesboro claims to be the home of Gone with the Wind because Margaret Mitchell would spend her summers here and many of the characters and events in the book were based off people she knew and their life events.
The Road to Tara Museum is beautifully displayed and my favorite of the three we have visited. It starts with a brief portion about the battle of Jonesboro which happened all throughout the town.
The GWTW portion has reproductions of many of the costumes and the actual pantalets worn by Vivien Leigh.
They display for the different languages the book came in was also the most well put together.
These are theater seats from the Loew's theater that showed the premier of the movie. It has since burnt down. I do wonder why the seats look slightly different at each museum we go to.
They also have a decent display showing spoofs on the movie that have come out.
The women that work at the Visitors center/museum also sold us on a tour of Jonesboro with GWTW focus.
At 1300, after a snickers bar for lunch, we boarded this bus for the 1 hour, 15 minute tour. For the most part we observed from the bus window while the announcer told stories related to Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind and how many of her stories and characters came about. Jonesboro is where her grandfather lived and it is believed he is the inspiration for Pa, their house for Tara and his stories her information on the Civil War. She comments that she grew up listening to Civil War stories but didn’t realize the south didn’t win until she was ten. We do get to disembark at the Confederate Cemetery where there are 1000 mostly unmarked graves. The cannonballs on top of the arch were actually used in the battle.
We also got out at the old jail which houses many town artifacts now including old ledgers.
After this tour was completed we hightailed it to Stately Oaks Plantation, built in 1839, it was likely one of the inspirations for Tara.
There was no picture taking allowed inside but tour guide did a marvelous job pointing out all kinds of trinkets from the time period. She was also dressed in period costume including seven layers of undergarments. Many things were explained to include the courting candle, salt, sugar, tear collector, hair collector, pickle container, celery container, bug catcher and how the kids were identified in photos. Boys and girls were both clothed in dresses to make it easier for potty training so sex was identified by how the hair was combed. Girls had their hair parted in the middle and boys on the side. They house also has a well set up one room school house, well house, outhouse, tenent room and cook kitchen.
Tired and hungry we headed back to Covington just in time for the nibbling hour at Twelve Oaks. My favorite thing is sitting on their porch with cheese, crackers and wine.

It was only an appetizer so we walked to town for dinner at the Mystic Grill, famous on the show the Vampire Diaries. I have never watched it but the hamburger and beer was excellent and we were stuffed. But not too full for more ice cream from Scoops before our ghost tour.
Covington Ghost Tours was different than any I have ever been on, and I do love a ghost tour. In this day and age there is actually an app called ghost hunting app and it is to tell you when you are in the presence of excess energy as well as randomly list words. Between the group the hope is to string together something of meaning. For 2 hours we walked around town with a story at nearly every building. Sadly no spirits, orbs, ghosts or goblins were seen despite a walk through the cemetery in the dark. Although according to our app we may have been in the presence of Abigail, Jack, cupcakes or a doctor. Here is one of the photos we were to inspect when we got home for orbs, objects or people. Do you see anything?
At the visitors center there is a sign for Mystic Falls, Virginia which is the town that Covington plays in the Vampire Diaries.

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Gone with the Wind Tour

27 May 2016


Last night Mom flew in from Pennsylvania and I drove from Tennessee to meet at the Best Western by the airport. For some reason we spent the night in a handicapped room which even had its own doorbell. We did some planning and then settled in to get some sleep before hitting the Gone with the Wind Trail in the morning.
After a typical Best Western breakfast we drove about 30 minutes to Marietta, Georgia and the Scarlett on the Square, Gone with the Wind Museum. The building was constructed around 1875 and is a former cotton warehouse and carriage stable. The museum is actually a privately owned collection of Dr. Christopher Sullivan from Akron, Ohio. The small museum is full of memorabilia in all languages, even Russian and Chinese. Even though the book has been in print for 70 years it still sells 250,000 copies a year. There are many representations of the book in all languages here.
The spotlight though is on the Bengaline Gown. It is the original honeymoon gown worn by Vivien Leigh in the movie. The dress was in this ecru shade so it would appear white on the Technicolor film reels.
After making our way through the gift shop we returned to midtown Atlanta for lunch at Mary Mac’s Tea House. It is a fabulous institution for southern cooking and one of the only places in the world that I wrote down my order. I enjoyed the shrimp and cheese grits with sweet potato casserole and macaroni and cheese while mom got chicken pot pie. As first timers to the restaurant we also got a sample of the pot likker which was excellent. I topped it off with some strawberry shortcake to keep my energy up for our next museum.
Not far from the restaurant is the Margaret Mitchell House. It was previously an apartment building which she dubbed “the dump”. It was abandoned for 10 years before the Benz Company paid for the renovations. In exchange they wanted to use it during the Olympics. However it was damaged by an arsonist and they were not able to have it in working order by the games. The company still paid for the renovations and never asked for anything else in exchange. Here they have a guided tour through the small apartment and you can see where she wrote most of Gone with the Wind. She had broken her ankle and back then that meant you had to stay home for a few months. So to keep busy she started a novel. She never thought it was any good and couldn’t believe how huge it became. There are displays here on the opening night in Atlanta where 30,000 people gathered to try to see the stars as they entered.
After this we headed 30 more minutes east to Covington, Georgia and the site of our bed and breakfast, twelve Oaks. It is a massive antebellum manor and little did I know our room was up two flights of stairs. It is adorable though with a TV and DVD player for watching Gone with the Wind.
The B&B has a nibbling hour with free wine, cheese and crackers and we passed a wonderful hour on the white rocking chairs on the porch. The main square is only 0.3 miles away so we walked in to town to Your Pie for pizza. It is a chipotle for pizza and it seemed kind of silly to get only cheese pizza but it was still delicious. Conveniently there is an ice cream place called Scoops two doors down and we packed on another pound before walking back to the B&B.

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Grand Ole Opry Military Appreciation Night

24 May 2016

sunny 73 °F

Probably one of the best performances I have had the pleasure of enjoying was at the Grand Ole Opry tonight. For Memorial Day the Opry was celebrating the military. The performers all had patriotic songs to include the Gatlin Brothers, Mark Wills, Oak Ridge Boys, Charlie Daniels Band and Trace Adkins. It was brought to a beautiful close with Lee Greenwood's song God Bless the USA.
But the true stars of the show were the MusiCorps Wounded Warrior Band. A double amputee who is normally the drum player was filling in as the singer and really crushed it!! Mark Wills and Trace Adkins came out to complete the last song with them and the whole place was on their feet. It was quite an emotional show and we realized just how much country music supports the military!

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Curt's Birthday on the Bourbon Trail

1 May 2016


By Sunday, Curt’s Birthday, he wasn't feeling well so got up only long enough to have this picture taken with his breakfast.
He went back to sleep and I went on a photography shoot of the llamas and Maple Hill Manor.
Luckily he was back on the horse for our tour of the Makers Mark Distillery. It is a more popular tour it seems and we were lucky to arrive early. It’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere and we were on one way roads for some of the way it seemed.
Incredibly, Curt went to get some coffee and when I turned around I hear him saying to this man “ Hey, didn’t you run in Antarctica?”. We actually ran in to a couple that was on the Antarctica tour at the same time in 2012!! Small world.
We have now been to three of the distilleries on the bourbon trail and each tour has some different element. In this one you got to dip your finger in a vat of yeast and water!
The gift shop was also crazy because the Pharoah Horse that one the Triple crown had a bottle come out and collectors were lined up to get their bottle. We still made time for Curt to hand dip our bottle before we made our way out of there.

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