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August 2017

Scientific Center and Arabella Restaurant Complex

22 August 2017

sunny 110 °F

I read the Scientific Center had an aquarium so when I saw this as an option for MWR I got on the trip. When we got off the bus the sun was just setting on the water so everyone pulled out their cell phones to get a photo. I think I am one of the only people that actually carries around a camera.
The aquarium is not that big but what they have is nice.

The entrance makes you think you are in the Sharknado movie!
Inside they have more than just fish. There is a section of birds, snakes to include a sand viper and even penguins.
The shark tank was pretty neat with the way it was lit and I could get a photo of Phil trying to photograph something else with shark right over his head.
The Scientific Center has a lot for kids but also an IMAX theater. We see a movie that exceeded my expectations on engineering around the world.

After the Center we hit Arabella Restaurant Complex and went for Italian at Nino's. In these restaurants you can almost pretend you aren't on deployment. Last but not least was more lotus sushi for dessert at the Chocolate restaurant.

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Sheraton Hotel, Kuwait City

17 October 2017


Phil Baldwin was having a birthday and wanted to go downtown to the Sheraton hotel which had a Persian Restaurant and an English Tea Room. So he took his ladies :) - me, Dana Nicholson and Heather Lorenz downtown. We arrived a bit early so took a lap around the neighborhood which had some interesting restaurants and what looked like the ghetto with the Marriott right behind it.
We took a look around the rest of the Sheraton hotel before our reservation for dinner at the Italian restaurant. The lobby is gorgeous and we found a bunch of ballrooms.
One was named after Dana.
And one had the hugest chandelier that I have ever seen.
Even the bathroom was amazing with built in foot massagers.
The Italian place was Ricardo's and felt like a five star place with white table clothes and light fixtures that looked like they were from Venice. The food was amazing, tasting just as good as it looked.
We got Phil a cheesecake for his birthday, not realized just how full we would be after the dinner.
Our next stop was to be the English Tea Room but we weren't counting on being so full so just had some tea.
The place was adorable with cute couches and even little covers for the tea pots.
It was all a great day until Phil contaminated everything by putting the leftovers from his cake on the contaminated container outside the hotel.

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Arabella Restaurant Complex

4 August 2017

sunny 120 °F

Another opportunity to get off Camp Arifjan is to sign up for one of the hospital trips. This morning a small group went the Kuwait Armed Forces Hospital which is sort of like our SAMMC or JBLM. The doctors discuss a few patient cases from the ICU, which was very claustrophobic. I was very glad to get out of there and move on to the Arabella Restaurant Complex which is right on the water. Believe it or not there is a Texas Roadhouse and Cheesecake Factory there but we wanted something a little different.
Four of us ended up in an adorable little Spanish Restaurant called Torero. For an hour or so it didn't feel quite like we were in the Middle East.
I had pasta in some foil which was interesting. The other nice thing about eating in restaurants here is the portion size. It is so much more reasonable than the American portion size!
For our after lunch dessert we moved on to the chocolate restaurant. This lotus sushi is a new favorite dessert and I wish I could get the recipe. It is SOOO sweet making a half portion just about right.

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