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October 2017

Shadow Marine Corps Marathon

22 October 2017

sunny 80 °F

Tim Pekari, one of the ortho PA's in the 86th Combat Support Hospital and a HUGE runner was able to coordinate with the Marine Corps Marathon for us to have a shadow race on Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. The route was a much more boring 26 miles of looking at dirt and brownness but it still gave approximately 120 people around the area something to train for and an accomplishment during their deployment.
Sun coming up on race morning.
The CSH mostly ran the event to include an expo the day before. He was able to coordinate the Marine unit to give us our medals at the end which was a very nice touch.
Overall it was a great race and we ended up with the same medal those who did the race in the US got :)

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Kuwait Zoo and 360 Mall

14 October 2017

sunny 90 °F

Anything animal is my kind of thing so I was pleasantly surprised by the Kuwait Zoo. It didn't have a great layout but it was only 500 KD or about $1.50 to get in. The animals were actually pretty active now that its a little cooler. I have never actually seen snakes moving around and here more than one was crawling up the side of the cage.
The iguanas were having breakfast.
The zebras were rolling around in their pen, the llama came prancing out, the lion was eating a piece of meat and the bear was sticking his tongue out at us.
Some of the Animals I didn't even know what they were and the sign postings weren't that great.
Swans were a hit for me and always so easy to photograph. I'm not sure who is in more danger though, the swan or the cat.
This bear was pacing all around on his butt to look up at us.
Can you find the alligator?
I love this sign reminding people not to feed their kids to the alligator.
Pink flamingos looked right at home.
SPC Pulos and SGT Alvarez constantly had to be watched to make sure they were following the rules :)
Myself and SPC Castillo at the entrance.
The crew at the zoo - CW3 Estrada, LT Kagiri, LT Hargrave, SPC Pulos, SPC Castillo, myself, SGT Alvarez.
After the zoo we went to the 360 mall which is 4- 5 stories with a bowling alley, IMAX theater and gym on the top floor, not to mention tons of stores.
And for some reason a white carraige surrounded by roses.
After eating Italian at Margharitas and having SPC Pulos (one of my medics) demonstrate how to properly pour water our group split up.
The kids went shopping and bought vans.
Four of the rest went to the bowling alley and played a couple games for 5 KD each in the nicest bowling alley we had ever seen.
They have bowling socks for those who aren't wearing any.
large_LT_Kagiri_..wling_socks.jpgThe chandeliers were beautiful and the place was very clean.

After dinner we ate again at the chocolate bar I had caramel coconut cake.

Sadly by 1500 it was time to head back to post and become the animals in the cage again :(

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